65 lbs. plastic pail

BMI 300 Coarse Finish


BMI Acrylic 300 Coarse Finish is a ready mixed, flexible textured wall coating used as a decorative and protective wall finish over prepared vertical, above grade concrete, masonry and plaster/stucco substrates.

BMI Acrylic 300 produces a texture to provide a 16/20 float finish.

BMI Acrylic 300 Coarse Finish may be used over stucco base coats, prepared exterior gypsum board lids, prepared concrete masonry in exterior applications. BMI Acrylic 300 may also be used over drywall, cement board, sealed gypsum plaster, prepared concrete masonry in interior applications. BMI Acrylic 300 has excellent adhesion properties and will resist efflorescence when BMI Primer 100 is used.



Mix with a drill mixer and jiffler paddle or similar paddle. Do not exceed 400 r.p.m. when mixing or the product could be air entrained which will increase “pin holing” and decrease bonding characteristics. Up to 8 ounces of clean potable water may be added to BMI Acrylic 300 until desired consistency is achieved.


Use BMI Acrylic 300 Coarse Finish when surface and ambient conditions are above 40*F and below 100*F during application and cure time. BMI Acrylic 300 is not recommended for use on non-load bearing or frozen substrates. Finish color is very consistent but may vary slightly depending on suction, drying time, application technique and ambient conditions. BMI Acrylic 300 should be protected from rain for a minimum of 4 days (if curing at low temperatures, protect for 7 days).

Surface Preperation:

Surfaces must be clean and free of bond-inhibiting materials such as dirt, dust, rust, grease, oil, efflorescence, mildew, fungus, form-release agents, or any other contaminants. Remove or repair any loose paint, mortar, stucco, concrete or masonry by water-blasting, sand-blasting, scraping or using a wire brush. Substrate should be securely fastened. Repair all cracks with appropriate patching compound. Mask off area accordingly. Prime all surfaces with BMI Primer 100 before applying BMI Acrylic 300.


BMI Acrylic 300 Coarse Finish should be applied with a stainless steel trowel. Enough material should be applied to cover all surfaces. Always apply BMI Acrylic 300 in continuous application, working to a wet edge to avoid cold joints. Finish material with a plastic float using a “figure 8” pattern. Avoid water drops and runs on uncured material.


65 lb. pail BMI Acrylic 300 90-105 sq/ft
(coverage will vary depending on texture, substrate and suction).



Available in all 30 of our stock colors from our BMI Exterior Color Guide, or custom colors available upon request.

Shelf Life:

Twelve months when stored in a cool dry location (50* - 90*F_. Keep out of direct sunlight and protect from freezing.


BMI Acrylic 300 will dry to touch in 1-4 hours and will be fully cured in 21 days. Low temperatures, high humidity, driving rains etc. can prolong cure time.