65 lbs. plastic pail

BMI 550 Smooth Finish


BMI Acrylic 550 Smooth Finish is a premium, integrally colored, acrylic base finish coating to be used over BMI Acrylic 500 Fine Finish. BMI Acrylic 550 is a ready mix finish material available in multiple colors. All BMI Acrylic Finishes contain additives to resist mildew, algae and fungus.

BMI Acrylic 550 may be used on either interior or exterior surfaces and provides a classic smooth finish.



Mix 300-400 r.p.m. or until consistent color is achieved. A small amount (up to 16oz) of potable water maybe added to a 5-gal. pail of BMI Acrylic 550 to enhance the workability. Avoid over mixing or air entraining the finish.


Use BMI Acrylic 550 Smooth Finish when surface and ambient conditions are above 45*F and below 100*F during application and cure time. BMI Acrylic 550 should be protected from rain for 24 hours. Substrate must have a pH level of 12 or lower.

Surface Preperation:

Surfaces must be clean and free of bond-inhibiting materials such as dirt, dust, rust, grease, oil, efflorescence, mildew, fungus, form-release agents, or any other contaminants. Remove or repair any loose BMI Acrylic 500 and repair.


A coat of BMI Acrylic 500 Fine Finish must be applied first and allowed to cure prior to applying the BMI Acrylic 550 Smooth Finish. Apply the BMI Acrylic 550 with a stainless steel trowel, in a continuous application, working to a wet edge to eliminate cold joints. BMI Acrylic 550 does not need to be floated, but it can be wet troweled to remove trowel marks. Detail bands and shapes may be applied in the same manner.


65 lb. pail BMI Acrylic 550 175-200 sq/ft
(coverage will vary depending on BMI Acrylic 500 texture thickness and application technique)



Available in all 30 of our stock colors from our BMI Exterior Color Guide, or custom colors available upon request.

Shelf Life:

Twelve months when stored in a cool dry location (50* - 90*F_. Keep out of direct sunlight and protect from freezing.


BMI Acrylic 550 initial set of the finish occurs in an average of 4 hours depending on ambient temperature, humidity and film thickness. BMI Acrylic 550 will completely cure within 12 to 24 hours. During the cure time the finish must be protected from severe weather conditions and from potential abuse from other trades.