4 rolls to a box (Field Mesh)

16 rolls to a box (Detail Mesh)

BMI Mesh


BMI Mesh is a specialty woven, alkali resistant glass fiber reinforcing mesh used with BMI 777 base coat to provide impact resistance and strength.

BMI Mesh is primarily used with BMI 777 base coat in accordance with EIFS specifications. It can also be used to integrate EPS shapes and over stucco in restoration projects to help resist cracking.

BMI Mesh 4.5 oz is recommended for all applications and low traffic areas, second floor and higher.

BMI Detail Mesh 4.5 oz is recommended for specialty shapes, parapets, irregular detail work inside and outside corners.


Surface Preperation:

Before applying EPS insulation board, attach BMI Mesh from the edges of all planned termination points of the insulation with base coat. This strip of mesh will wrap the edge of the insulation when the base coat is applied “back wrapping”. The EPS insulation must be well fastened or adhered to the substrate. If insulation board has been adhesively applied, wait at least 24 hours before continuing work on the surface. Fill 1/8” gaps and larger in insulation board with slivers of EPS. Cut slivers flush with razor blade and rasp entire surface of insulation board. EPS insulation board shall not vary more than 1/8” in every 8’ span. Cut any aesthetic joints at this time. Brush or blow off all insulation dust from wall.

To complete the back wrapping of the insulation board, apply the base coat to the underside and appx. 6” up the insulation board. Starting from the underside, trowel in the BMI Mesh fully into the base coat. Do not leave any wrinkles in the mesh. Feather the base coat onto the insulation board.


Prior to the application of base coat and mesh, all insulation board irregularities greater than 1/16” must be sanded flush. Install detail mesh over aesthetic joints or other architectural details. Leave enough detail mesh so that field mesh can overlap onto detail mesh at least 2 1/2”. Apply base coat over entire area to receive mesh approx. 3/32” thick for 4.5 oz. Immediately place reinforcing mesh against the wet basecoat troweling from the center out to avoid wrinkles. Trowel until mesh is completely embedded and the color of the mesh can not be seen. The mesh should be continuous at all corners and lapped or butted in accordance with BMI’s recommendations. The thickness of the base coat shall be sufficient to fully cover the mesh. Let base coat dry for 24 hours and examine to make sure entire surface is flat enough for finish application. If joints can be seen apply another thin coat of base or sand joints lightly to flatten surface.


BMI Mesh - 4.5 oz./yd x 48” wide x 150 linear feet

BMI Mesh Detail - 4.5 oz./yd x 9 1/2” wide x 450 linear feet




Shelf Life:

Twelve months when stored in a cool dry location 50* - 90*F. Keep out of direct sunlight and protect from freezing.

Meets ASTM D-3775


Meets ASTM D-3776


Meets ASTM D-1777


Meets ASTM D-5035