Mono-mix FU

The single phase mixing pump

Easy to handle easy to move

The mono-mix FU is developed for an easy one man operation and comes with a water booster pump which allows you to be independent from water pressure on site. (Just 2.5bar input needed.) All optional accessories for the mono-mix FU can be directly plugged into the machine, so only one power cord is needed. This saves setup time, material, and increases safety on site. Due to the size and weight of this machine it is possible to transport the mono-mix FU in a passenger car.

Output adjustment

The output of the mono-mix FU can be adjusted in 4 steps to meet your specific requirements regarding the application thickness. It is even possible to spay thin stucco layers and apply flooring products 1/10" thick.

Mixing system

As with all m-tec mixing pumps, the result is a more homogeneously mixed, flowable product that is less labor intensive, and reduces wear on the equipment. You only need to adjust the water once and can work the whole day forgetting about the water content and mixing time.

Single phase power supply

As the mono-mix FU comes with a built in frequency converter this mixing pump can be connected to a 230V single phase power supply, but a 3 phase powerful drive will boost the machines performance. Pumping distances from 30 to 120 ft are easily possible, depending on the material.


The mono-mix FU is user friendly, easy to disassemble, clean and transport.