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80 lbs bags
54 bags per pallet or bulk in a silo

Concrete Mix BMI 908


BMI 908 is a concrete mix that consists of sand, gravel and Portland Cement. BMI 908 is used to fill concrete block or to build small concrete walks, floors, footings and for post setting at home. BMI 908 is also suitable for minor non-structural concrete repairs.


BMI 908 contains all the ingredients in dry form, only water needs to be added. Mix one bag of BMI 908 with 1.5 gallons of water for filling of block or with 1 gallon for concrete work. Try to avoid a soupy mix, as this reduces strength.


BMI 908 yields approximately 0.75 cu. ft. of Concrete. One ton of BMI 908 yields 18 cu. ft. of concrete.


For filling of block, pour the concrete mix into block and rod with rebar to ensure that there are no unfilled voids inside the block. For concrete work, make a frame and put concrete inside the frame and compact it firmly. Use a straight edge to remove excess concrete. For a rough finish use a wooden float or brush, for smooth finishes use a steel trowel. Do not over trowel since this can lead to cracking. Keep concrete damp for a minimum of two (2) days. Do not spray with water before concrete has set.


Tested according to C-387 packaged dry concrete.

Test Results:
Compressive Strength
  7 Days 28 Days
Slump: 4" 4425 5078
4464 4966
4363 4804

* These are laboratory tests according to ASTM C-387.