50 lbs bags
35 bags per pallet or bulk in a silo

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BMI Glass Block


BMI Glass Block Mortar is a pre-blended product consisting of white Portland Cement, fillers and chemicals used for the installation of glass blocks. It can be used to set all types of glass blocks. It can also be used to repair mortar joints on older or damaged glass block installations.


Thoroughly mix powder with clean, potable water to a consistency that is drier than mortar for ordinary masonry. Allow mix to sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then re-stir and use. Do not retemper material after it has taken its initial set.

Pot life is approximately 2 hours.


One 50 lb. bag of BMI Glass Block Mortar covers approximately 10 sq. ft. of 6" glass block.


The surface to receive BMI Glass Block Mortar needs to be clean, dry and dust free. Apply a full bed of Glass Block Mortar to base of wall as you would with regular mortar. Set first course with level. Use spacers according to glass block manufacturer’s suggestion to assure a better looking job. Let set until thumb print hard. Tool, rake or finish joint as desired. When set, wash glass block with soft cloth and clean water If used as sanded tile, grout fill joints with grout and let set until almost dry. Remove excess with tool, let set until dry and wash with clean water.