50 lbs bags
35 bags per pallet or bulk in a silo

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BMI Roof Mortar


BMI Roof Mortar is a pre-blended product consisting of Portland Cement, Type S Lime, sand and pigments (if necessary) that is used for the installation of roof tiles. This product eliminates the need for jobsite mixes. BMI Roof Mortar can be colored to closely match roof tile and give the appearance of a professionally finished job. It can also be used to repair mortar on older or damaged tile installations.


BMI Roof Mortar is to be mixed in a power operated batch mixer or with an electric drill mixer. Mixing time shall be such as to produce a plastic homogeneous mortar (approximately two minutes but not more than five minutes). A minimum amount of clean, potable water shall be used to produce a workable consistency.

Pot life is approximately 1 1/2 hours.


50 lb. bag for clay tile - approximately 8 linear feet


BMI Roof Mortar is Type N mortar in accordance with ASTM-C270. Average compressive strength after 28 days is a minimum of 750 psi.

Raw materials meet or exceed the following standards:

  • Type I-II Portland Cement: ASTM-C150
  • Sand (aggregate): ASTM-C144
  • Type S Lime: ASTM-C207