80 lbs bags
35 bags per pallet or bulk in a silo

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BMI 920 Type N


BMI 920 is a masonry mortar for many different products like: brick veneer, brick, concrete brick, concrete block and stone. Its excellent bonding properties and workability make it suitable for interior and exterior non load bearing walls or fireplaces.


BMI 920 contains all ingredients in dry form, only water needs to be added. Mix one bag of BMI 920 with approximately 1 gallon of clean water to a plastic-like consistency. Do not mix longer than 5 minutes.


Apply to brick or block, lay brick or block on top before mortar surface has skin formed. Push brick or block into mortar to form uniform joints of approximately 3/8". Make sure that head joints are filled with mortar. Tool joints when mortar has set to thumb print hard. Tool all joints at like vise set to assure uniform color of the mortar joints.


One 80 lb. bag of BMI 920 makes mortar for approximately 50 standard brick or 15 - 8" concrete block. BMI 920 is also available in bulk in our silo mixing station. One ton of BMI 920 yields 21 cu. ft. mortar, good for 800-1200 standard brick or 280-320 - 8" concrete block.


Portland cement and lime mortar type S

Portland Cement Type I ASTM-C150 1 Part
Hydrated Lime Type S ASTM-C207 1 Part
Mason Sand ASTM-C144 6 Parts

Test Results:
Compressive Strength
  7 Days 28 Days
Flow: 111% 1339 1608
Water retention: 95.5% 1295 1583
Bond Strength: 105.05 psi 1315 1560

* These are laboratory tests according to ASTM C-270 and are simulating the strength in the wall-not in the mortar tub. Field tests from the mortar tub will be lower due to the fact that more water is added (See ASTM C-270-99 section 3 and Note 3 after section 5).

* Bond strength tested according to ASTM C-1072