Disposable 10.1 fl. oz., moisture-proof composite cartridges, 12/case.

Sikaflex 11 FC
One part advanced polyurethane, elastomeric sealant/adhesive


Sikaflex-11 FC is a one-component, gun-grade, adhesive and sealing compound of permanent elasticity. This dual-purpose material is based on a special moisture-cured polyurethane with an accelerated curing time.

Where to Use

  • Cover plates, gaskets and coverings.
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles.
  • Floor moldings and door sills.
  • Light weight construction materials.
  • Wood or metal and door frames.
  • Roof tiles.


  • Excellent adhesion on all cement-based materials, brick, ceramics, glass, metals, wood, epoxy, polyester and acrylic resin.
  • Fast cure rate.
  • Good weathering and water resistance.
  • Non-corrosive.
  • Can be painted over with water, oil, and rubber-based paints. (Preliminary tests recommended).
  • High durability.


10.1 fl. oz. cartridge seals 12.4 lineal ft. of 1/2 x 1/4 in. joint.

How to Use

Surface Preparation

Clean all surfaces. Joint walls must be sound, clean, dry, frost-free, and free of oil and grease. Curing compound residues and any other foreign matter must be thoroughly removed. A roughened surface will also enhance bond.


Priming is not usually necessary for anodized aluminum, steel, non-absorbent materials such as glass, ceramics, stoneware and tiles. Most substrates only require priming if testing indicates a need or where sealant will be subjected to water immersion after cure. Consult Technical Service at 1-800-933-SIKA for additional information on priming.


Recommended application temperatures: 40°-100°F. For cold weather application, condition material to 65°-75°F before using.

Place nozzle of gun into bottom of the joint and fill entire joint. Keep the nozzle in the sealant; continue on with a steady flow of sealant preceding the nozzle to avoid air entrapment. Avoid overlapping of sealant to eliminate entrapment of air.

Tooling & Finishing


In case of spills of leaks, wear suitable protective equipment, contain spill, collect with absorbent material, and transfer to suitable container. Ventilate area. Avoid contact. Dispose of in accordance with current, applicable local, state, and federal regulations. In case of emergency, call chemtrec 1-800-424-9300.

Over Painting

Allow 5 day cure at standard conditions when using Sikaflex-11 FC in total water immersion situationsand prior to painting.


  • Allow 5 day cure at standard conditions when using Sikaflex-11 FC in total water immersion situations and prior to painting.
  • Avoid exposure to high levels of chlorine. (Maximum level is 5ppm).
  • Maximum depth of sealant must not exceed 1/2 in.; minimum depth is 1/4 in.
  • Maximum expansion and contraction should not exceed 12.5% of average joint width.
  • Avoid contact with alcohol and other solvent cleaners during cure.
  • Do not apply when moisture-vapor-transmission condition exists from the substrate as this can cause bubbling within the sealant.
  • Use opened cartridges the same day.
  • When applying sealant, avoid air-entrapment.
  • Since system is moisture-cured, permit sufficient exposure to air.
  • White color tends to yellow slightly when exposed to ultraviolet rays.
  • The ultimate performance of Sikaflex-11 FC depends on proper application, good design and proper preparation of joint surfaces.
  • Not for use in expansion joints.
  • Heavier substrates may require additional support during the cure period
  • Do not use in contact with bituminous/asphaltic materials.