10 fl. oz.
4.5 gal in a 5 gal pail
52 gal drum

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Sikasil ® -N Plus US
Neutral Cure Silicone Assembly Sealant


Sikasil ® -N Plus US is a general purpose, one-component, non-sag, elastomeric, 100% RTV neutral cure silicone sealant. Meets the requirements of ASTM C-920, Type S, Grade NS, Class 25, Use NT, T, M, G, A, O; TT-S-00230C, Type II, Class A; TT-S-001543A, Class A; CAN/CGSB- 19.13-M87, AAMA 802.3 Type II, AAMA 803.3, AAMA 805.2, AAMA 808.3 and California Air Resources Board 2003 requirements for Volatile Organic Compound content.

Where to Use

  • Extremely long service life
  • Excellent flexibility for dynamic joint movement
  • Bonds to most substrates without priming
  • Ready to use, no mixing required
  • AAMA Certified component for window backbedding / glazing
  • All season ease of application
  • Fungicide additive for mildew resistance


  • Window and door fabrication
  • Conventional glazing
  • Back bedding and cap, toe and heel beads
  • Perimeter sealing of windows, doors and skylights
  • Expansion and control joints
  • HVAC, White goods assembly
  • Kitchen and bath countertops/solid surfaces, Sanitary Seals
  • Marine cabins
  • Truck/trailer/auto/RV


Cartridge: Approximately 12.2 linear ft. (3.7 lin. m) for 1/2 x 1/4 in (13 x 6 mm) bead.


How to Use


Sikasil ® -N Plus US is designed to obtain adhesion without the use of a primer; however, certain substrates may require a primer. Test by applying the sealant and/or primer sealant combination to confirm results and proposed application methods. Refer to Product Data Sheet for primers Sikasil ® 2100, or Sikasil ® 2300 available at or by contacting Technical Service for additional information and recommendations at (


In all cases, make sure the joint design is correct. Proper joint design minimizes stresses on the sealant. Use masking tape if desired for areas adjacent to the joint to be sealed to prevent surface contamination. Apply sealant to dry, clean surfaces. An air operated or hand operated cartridge gun may be used. Do not break cartridge seal until just before use. Surfaces should be dried before the sealant is applied. Normally sealant skins in 8 minutes, dries to touch in 1 hour, and bonds in 24 hours. This product is suitable for bulk dispensing straight from drums or pails by means of a pneumatic or hydraulic pump system. For recommendations on selecting and setting up a suitable pump system please contact our Technical Service Department at (tsmh@sika-

Tooling and Finishing

Tool joint, if necessary, and remove masking tape. Tooling should be completed in one continuous stroke. Tool immediately after sealant is applied and before a skin begins to form. Dry tool - DO NOT use soap, water or oil as a tooling aid. Remove masking tape immediately after tooling is completed. Complete tooling of product within 5 minutes of sealant application 


Use xylene, denatured alcohol or mineral spirits to remove uncured sealant from substrate and equipment. Follow solvent manufacturer's instructions for use and warnings. Cured material can only ne removed mechanically.


  • Do not allow sealant to come in contact with solvent during cure.
  • Do not allow sealant to come in contact with curing polyurethane sealants during cure.
  • Not intended for immersion.
  • Not intended for structural glazing.
  • Sealant may be applied below freezing temperatures if substrates are completely dry, frost free and clean. Contact Technical Service for more information.
  • Not recommended for horizontal traffic.
  • Not recommended for absorptive surfaces such as natural stone, particularly limestone or marble where staining may occur. Test before use.
  • Do not apply to surfaces that will be painted.
  • Do not apply to substrates that bleed oil, plasticizers or solvent.
  • Do not apply to damp or wet substrates.
  • Lower temperature and humidity will extend tack free and cure rates.
  • Allow treated wood to age six months before application.
  • Brass and copper may be discolored. Test prior to application.
  • Test sensitive substrates, such as mirror backings for compatibility before