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90 lbs bags
54 bags per pallet or bulk in a silo

BMI Swimming Pool Finish


BMI Swimming Pool Finish is a white Portland Cement base material designed to provide a dense, smooth hard surface which has a high resistance to acid and algae.


Condition of base: The surface of the cement plaster, reinforced concrete or Gunite concrete must be free of dirt, dust, or other foreign matter. If a true and even surface is not in evidence, remove all protruding mortar and use Portland cement plaster for tills as necessary to correct irregularities in surface and properly cure.


For best results, use a plaster mixer (for cutting action) and mix 10 to 15 minutes leaving material completely smooth and in a thin batter consistency.

Hand and machine application:

Just prior to beginning of application, dampen surface if necessary, but have no free moisture on surface. Material for first (slurry) coat should be sprayed on the wall in a thin consistency and brushed out evenly using a fairly coarse push broom, leaving no pockets or holes. When free moisture has left the slurry coat and it begins to develop suction (but by no means is dry), a second application of a little heavier material is sprayed on the surface. Level off with a steel trowel to even the surface with enough material on the surface for a cushion to finish troweling. Hand application is the same as machine except the material is tossed on the wall with a bucket or shovel.

Finish Troweling

This step is extremely important and applies to both hand and machine application. When all free moisture has left the surface and the initial set has begun to take place, the first steel troweling should begin. The second and third troweling should follow as necessary. Extreme care should be taken not to trowel a dry or set surface as the steel in the trowel may blacken it. Use water as a lubricant for troweling.


Use a light spray of water on the surface keeping it damp for 24 hours. Allow to dry, then fill the pool using moderate care not to damage finished surface with water pressure.

Caution: Do not trowel over a set or dry surface. Do not apply any succeeding coat over dry surface.


90 lb bag ...@ 4-5 sq. yd. at 1/4" to 3/8" thickness.