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90 lbs bags
54 bags per pallet or bulk in a silo

Special Products
BMI Shower Finish


BMI Shower Finish is a Portland Cement base finishing material that produces a smooth-troweled surface on shower or bath enclosures and other wall areas that are subject to exposure to water.

Manufactured in white only.


Condition of base: Portland Cement plaster. The scratch and brown coat must be of Portland Cement base. Moist cure the brown coat for 48 hours, then dry for a minimum of seven days with good ventilation. The brown coat must be floated to an even coarse texture free of glazed or slick areas. Fog dampen the brown coat before application.

Concrete: The surface must be clean and free of foreign material.


BMI Shower Finish must be power mixed for at least 20 minutes for best workability. Start with a stiff mix and add water during the mixing to bring the material to proper trowel consistency. Each mix should be used within 2 to 3 hours.


Portland Cement Plaster: BMI Shower Finish must be applied with a double-up method. Start with a "tight scratch" to even suction and slight imperfections in the brown coat. Apply second coat immediately and only to the depth necessary to give a true even surface. Trowel water with enough pressure to compact the material to a dense slick surface.


90 lb bag ...@ 10 sq. ft.


BMI Shower Finish is a combination of Portland Cement, fine sand and Type S Lime. It contains less than 10% lime.

  • Hydrated Lime: Federal Specification: SS-L-351, Type S
  • White Portland Cement Type I: ASTM C150-56: Federal Specification SS-C-192-B