50 lbs bags
54 bags per pallet or bulk in a silo

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BMI 280 Adhesive Foam

Exterior stucco textures and finishes (pdf 2.2mb)


BMI 280 is a specially formulated cementitious product. It is designed to provide a high bonding and impact resistant base coat over expanded polystyrene foam work (EPS), panels, and decorative foam shapes.


BMI 280 is mixed only with clean, potable water in a mechanical mixer or with a drill mixer in a five gallon pail. Mix for a minimum of three minutes until a paste like consistency is achieved. Do not overmix, although mixture can be retempered if needed. Do not mix any additives with BMI 280 unless recommended by manufacturer.


BMI 280 is highly adhesive. Before material dries, tools and machinery require only water and sponge for simple cleanup. Spillage and overspray should be removed before BMI 280 dries. If dry, residue will require time consuming removal.


One 50 lb. bag of BMI 280 covers approximately 80-100 sq. ft. if applied with 1/4" notched trowel. If used as a coating 1/8" thick approximately 45-60 sq. ft. As a leveler coverage may vary depending on thickness of application.

Product Procedures

BMI 280 requires the use of a mesh product (fiberglass or synthetic) over the foam substrate. BMI 280 can be applied to foam substrate and mesh utilizing an air induced application gun or by hand trowel.

Following EIMA guidelines, BMI 280 is applied to architectural foam details, the mesh is then imbedded into the wet foam layer with a trowel and additional BMI 280 mixture is applied (if necessary) to "hide" the mesh and to smooth out the BMI 280 layer.

Recommended minimum thickness is 1/16" to 1/8".


BMI 280 must cure for 72 hours before application of polymer finish coat. If a stucco cover coat is applied, its application should take place within 48 hours. If time is longer than 48 hours, a suitable bonding agent is recommended.

In hot or dry climate conditions, lightly fog BMI 280 with water to ensure proper curing.