50 lbs bags
35 bags per pallet or bulk in a silo

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Interior Stucco
BMI Interior Finish

Exterior stucco textures and finishes (pdf 2.2mb)


BMI Interior Finish is a Keene Cement based product used for light textured interior finishes, for example over gypsum base coat. The product comes in natural white. It is manufactured with the finest materials available. BMI Interior Finish provides permanent beauty and lasting protection for interior walls.


The base should be semi-dry to prevent rapid drying of the finish coat. Dampen the base lightly (if necessary) and evenly using a fog spray and then wait for the water to be absorbed. Do not apply finish coat to a wet surface. They gypsum base surface should be rodded and darbied to a true surface.


BMI Interior Finish should be mixed with clean, potable water in a mechanical mixer for at least 15 minutes, more water may be added if a thinner consistency is desired. Additional mixing time, especially in cold weather, will improve workability.


BMI Interior Finish can be applied over a brown coat of gypsum based plaster that has been previously applied for at least 24 ours. First, apply a tight scratch coat. Then double back with a finish coat. Nominal thickness of the material should be 1/16" to 1/8".


The finish coat should surface dry in 8 hours depending upon climatic conditions. Interior walls should be completely dry within one week. Altering climate conditions can alter drying times.


90 lb bag ...@ 15 sq. yd. at 1/16" to 1/8" thickness.



A mixture of Keene Cement, Type S Lime, and fine graded sands. Not for use in showers or laundries