50 lbs bags
54 bags per pallet or bulk in a silo

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Interior Stucco
BMI Veneer Plaster

Exterior stucco textures and finishes (pdf 2.2mb)


BMI Veneer Plaster is a new generation of veneer plaster that brings economics through workability to the many current advantages of veneer plaster:

  • Standard production drywall is used
  • Standard trim is used
  • The plaster is long in pot life, buttery, machine mixable & sprayable, thus, adaptable to high production application techniques...

But there is more:

  • Starting with hung drywall, BMI Veneer Plaster is a one day process.
  • BMI Veneer Plaster is a 100% coverage product giving a uniform base, only one coat of paint is required.


  • A hard, dense, durable finish, more damage resistant
  • A slightly thicker, more substantial, more completely sealed wall
  • Greater textural variations, from water troweled slick heavy texture and everywhere in between. The option for the natural look of integrally pigmented unpainted plaster is added.
  • The special look and substance of full wall interior plaster.


Set standard drywall trim. All joints are covered with 2" wide self-adhering glass mesh tape. The tape is an open weave; there is no requirement to pre-mud butted joints.


The only additive is clear potable water. It may be machine mixed and remains workable for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.


Application to the wall is by machine or hawk and trowel. The material is first applied by a lead man to the joints only and pressed in firmly. This is followed by application to 100% of the wall/ceiling area. A special hand tool, a flexible darby, is used to "knock down" the plaster evenly over the surface. Additional troweling is done, sometimes requiring more BMI Veneer Plaster to achieve the desired texture. BMI Veneer Plaster can also be spray applied.


Water based paints may be applied as soon as 24 hours after the veneer plaster is applied. Oil based paints should not be applied for at least a minimum of seven days. In either case, BMI Veneer Plaster substrate will provide excellent one coat results.


BMI Veneer Plaster is also suitable for application over the interior side of unit masonry or concrete walls. In the case of masonry, a flush mortar joint should be left by the mason. Due to differential suction inherent to both concrete and masonry, a two-coat application with overnight cure is recommended.


Unlike older generation veneer plasters, BMI Veneer Plaster is not a major problem to remove from floors, windows or other surfaces. Masking windows and covering floors is recommended.


50 lb. bag: ...@ 8 sq. yd. At 1/16" to 1/8" thickness.