1.05 US gal. (4 L) jug, 4/carton

Sika® Level-03 Primer
Versatile Primer and Adhesion Promoter for use on Concrete and Wood beneath Sika® Level Underlayments


Sika® Level-03 Primer is a one-component, water-dispersed acrylic-based solution used to prime concrete and wood surfaces prior to the application of Sika® Level - 125 and Sika® Level - 315 underlayments.

Where to Use

As a multi-substrate primer on absorbent substrates, including concrete, cement screeds and suitable wooden ubfloors. Particularly effective as an adhesion promoter beneath Sika® Level underlayments, consolidating porous substrates and enhancing bond strengths.


  • Versatile primer, suitable for concrete and wood, so reducing the number of materials on-site.
  • Ready to use, no dilution or mixing required.
  • Water-based and low solvent content; user friendly.
  • Pigmented to ensure coverage and indicate time to apply the underlayments.
  • Penetrates substrate to reduce outgassing and bubble formation in self-leveling underlayments.
  • Prevents water loss from the underlayment into the substrate.
  • Quick drying and fast film formation to increase productivity.
  • Achieves excellent bond values throughout the recommended range of application temperatures.
  • Very convenient where a single primer is required for differing surfaces.


170 ft 2 /US gal.(4.2 m² /L) approx. on concrete.
230 ft 2 /US gal.(5.6 m² /L) approx. on plywood.
Coverage figures do not include allowance for surface profile and porosity or material waste.

How to Use

Surface Preperation

The substrate must be dry, clean and stable before priming and applying the underlayment materials. Remove all existing treatments such as coatings, sealers, wax, latex compounds, impregnations and curing agents, together with all contaminants such as dirt, dust, laitance, grease, oils, and foreign matter, which will interfere with the penetration
of a primer and the adhesion of an underlayment.

Concrete/Cement: Prepare concrete and cement substrates by mechanical means, such as shot blasting, sand blasting, water-jetting, scarifying, or other appropriate methods, to achieve an open textured, fine gripping surface (ICRI - CSP 3 minimum). Weak concrete should be removed and surface defects such as blowholes and spalls fully exposed and repaired with a suitable Sika mortar prior to priming and leveling. All cracks and holes should be similarly filled to prevent loss of coverage or seepage of the primer through to lower areas. Consult Sika Technical Service for recommendations. All loose friable material, including preparation residue, must be completely removed using a vacuum before application of the Sika® Level-03 Primer. The compressive strength of the concrete substrate should be at least >2900 psi (20 MPa) at 28 days with a minimum tensile strength of >145 psi (1.0 MPa) at the time Sika® Level-03 Primer is applied. Moisture Vapor Emission Rates of the substrate should comply and meet the requirements of the proposed floor covering. Please consult the manufacturer of the final floor finish for advice.

Plywood Subfloors: In circumstances involving the installation of an underlayment over plywood subfloors, ensure and meets, as a minimum, the deflection parameters of L/360 (live and dead loads taken into consideration. The plywood must then be suitably secured, bonded and prepared to a contaminant free and sound condition. Refer to the manufacturer of the final floor covering with regard to the deflection requirements of the floor finish system. Careful consideration should be given to the selection of the method of mechanical surface preparation and the timing of application of primer and underlayment. Immediately following mechanical preparation on some exces sively porous substrates, outgassing will increase for a short period of time (approx. 48 hours) until an equilibrium in slab vapor pressure and the ambient environment is reached. Before overall installation begins, Sika recommends the application of several small test patches to determine primer application requirements and acceptability of final product performance


Before applying Sika® Level - 03 Primer, thoroughly shake the container in which the material is supplied to agitate the contents, ensure all solids are distributed throughout the dispersion and a uniform consistency is achieved.

Ensure that both substrate and ambient temperatures are between 50°F and 95°F (10° and 35°C) before com-mencing the application of Sika® Level - 03 Primer. The stated application temperatures are to be achieved before priming and should be maintained for a period of at least 3 days after installation of the underlayment. Should colder conditions prevail, make allowance for the use of indirect and vented heaters to achieve and maintain the application temperature required. Where temperatures exceed 86°F (30°C) , refer to and follow ACI hot weather application and protection guidelines.

Before applying Sika® Level-03 Primer, thoroughly shake the container in which the material is supplied to agitate the contents, ensure all solids are distributed throughout the dispersion and a uniform consistency is achieved. Apply Sika® Level - 03 Primer as one coat, by brush or roller (long nap roller for rougher surfaces), working the material into the prepared surface. Ensure coverage is at least 170 ft² /US gal. (4.2 m² /L) on concrete and 230 ft² /US gal.(5.6 m² /L) on plywood, but avoiding ponding of the primer on the surface and removing any puddles which may form. When first applied, Sika® Level-03 Primer appears as a green tinted solution; once dry, it is translucent with the substrate being visible through the primer. This facilitates quality control in terms of complete coverage and clearly confirms when the underlayment can be installed.

To ensure proper adhesion, Sika® Level - 125 and Sika® Level - 315 underlayments are applied within 6 hours of the application of the Sika® Level - 03 Primer, but only once the primer is translucent (without opaque spots) and dry
to the touch (typically after a minimum of 1 hour drying time under normal environmental conditions). Lower temperatures and/or humid conditions may extend the drying time.


  • For interior use only. Not to be used as a primer for Sikafloor ® resins.
  • When using in ambient conditions of over 77°F, store product in a cool place prior to use.
  • Do not apply to substrates at temperatures below +(50°F)10°C as this will slow the drying and effectiveness of the primer.
  • Do not apply where the relative humidity of the substrate exceeds 75% as this will limit the efficiency of the primer.
  • Engineer-approved wooden (plywood) subfloors must be at least 1.25 in. (3.2 cm) in thickness and must be properly secured, bonded and prepared and free from contaminants and loose friable material.
  • Do not apply Sika® Level-03 Primer or Sika® Level underlayments onto chip board, particle board, hardboard, metal, gypsum or dimensionally unstable substrates.
  • The substrate should be surface dry with relative humidity of surrounding air low enough to allow efficient drying of the primer.
  • Ponding of the primer must be avoided; ensure even distribution by brush or roller to work the primer into the substrate.
  • Low temperature or high humidity will extend the drying time and the waiting time before. Allow material to become translucent and dry before applying underlayment.
  • Sika® Level-03 Primer does not form a moisture barrier. For proper moisture mitigation, consult Sika Technical Services.